How to Flirt In Spanish

Why should it be worth it to you to learn to flirt in Spanish? Well, imagine this. You have been in the club for hours and, so far, no one has caught your eye. You are just about to give up and go home when, suddenly, a hot Latina or Latino walks through the door.

What do you do? While eye contact and body language may get the job done let's add a twist: Some flirty Spanish phrases. Breaking the Ice Flirting is all about breaking the ice. The tone of the conversation starts with the first words you say. So you really want to start off with a bang. Starting a conversation with a flirty Spanish phrase is a unique way to break the ice. If the person you are talking to speaks Spanish, you will immediately separate yourself from all the others.

Even if the person you want to flirt with doesn't know Spanish, you will still have their attention. How often do people come up to them speaking a foreign language? They will probably ask what the phrase means, which will allow you to start a conversation either way. Some Flirty Spanish Phrases So, now that you know that adding some Spanish phrases to your list of flirting techniques is worthwhile, you just need to know what to say. Here are a few flirty phrases that will work wonders.

I noticed you and wanted to find out what you were like. Te noté y quería averiguar cómo eres. teh noh-tEH ee keh-rEE-ah ah-vehr-ee-gwahr kOH-moh eh-rehrs. You are very pretty. Eres muy linda.

eh-rehs mwee leen-dah. You are very handsome. Eres muy guapo.

eh-rehs mwee gwah-poh. You have the prettiest eyes in the world. Tienes los ojos más bonitos del mundo.

tee-eh-nehs lohs oh-hohs mAHs boh-nee-tohs dehl moon-doh. You have a lovely smile. Tienes una sonrisa hermosa. tee-eh-nehs oo-nah sohn-ree-sah ehr-moh-sah.

Practice, Practice, Practice Once you have learned a few flirty Spanish phrases, you want to master them. Practice them until they start to become warm and natural. First, find out the proper way to say the words, either by asking someone who knows the language to teach you, or by using a dictionary that spells out each word phonetically. Then, practice each phrase as often as you can, until they roll off of your tongue almost as easily as saying the same things in English would. Having the ability to flirt a little in Spanish provides you with unique opportunities when meeting people you are attracted to.

Jason Vachon is the author of Hook Up Spanish and has lived in Latin America. For a free copy of a mini-phrase guide to dating and romance in Spanish click the following link

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