How To Tell If A Woman Is Interested In You

If you want see if a woman is interested in you or "attracted" to you then flirting is a sure way to test. Hell, women test, why can't we as men? Maybe we do and we don't even realize it. There are many ways to flirt with women, ranging from conversation to physical actions. The whole conversation that you are having with a woman is having flirtatious subtle wording and body language mixed into it. Ways to see whether a woman is interested in you are things such as her playing with her hair, leaning in toward you and conveying interest, her hitting you and smiling at the same time, fidgeting, playing with her earring or necklace.

Every woman is unique and does different subtle actions, though these are the common patterns. These are all actions that she is portraying interest in you and this is why it is important to be aware of the unconscious. One of the big indicators that a woman shows if she is interested in you is eye contact. If you make eye contact with the woman and she looks away before you but comfortably, then it is a definite way to show you that she is attracted to you. I don't mean sit there and stare at her until she looks at you. Though you will notice when you talk to a woman if you hold eye contact for just that little bit longer than her it will show that you are secure in yourself and comfortable, almost too comfortable around her.

A woman seeking your approval is another way to show interest. When a woman asks you if she looks good or tries to get your opinion on something about her that is a SIGN. Women will often look for men they are attracted to. I have experienced and seen men say to a woman "ok it's time for me to go back to my friend's, I might see you around.

" And they leave and not long after the female is walking around the club looking for them. If you touch a woman and she allows it and she is not stiff, then she is comfortable around you and you can take the next step. Though if you touch her and she is tense she is not yet comfortable around you and if she resists then it simply means that you have not built enough attraction. If a woman links her arm inside of yours and she holds it up and doesn't lean on you then it shows that she is proud to be walking around with you. If you are leading a woman, like you should be doing and holding her hand on the top carrying her to another location, if you let go of the tension a bit and she squeezes your hand then it shows that she is interested. If her hand is slack then she couldn't care if you let go.

Giving a woman the gift of missing you is a powerful strategy that you can use that will make an explosion of emotions inside of her and get her chasing you. When you push those buttons inside of a woman and then you just leave, it gets them wondering and scared that they might not ever see you again so they therefore chase you. Once you have made your unconscious mind aware you will be able to transform your dating life, you will be able to tell whether a woman is single or not just by looking at her. You will be able to see a world of women that most men don't see because they are too busy looking at the woman as an object.

Become aware and look for indications and subtle gestures that a woman is attracted to you. Copyright (c) 2007 Ignite.

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