Software manages corporate training centers

Software manages corporate training centersFormaLog cc Entreprises v4.10 integrates contacts with clients, schedule management, and production of financial reports. Seminar Management module helps create and manage training schedules, notifying user of any overlaps in instructor schedules and room occupancy. Control over expenses and sales status enables costs and sales to be retrieved for decision making. Contact Management component helps qualify leads and plan actions to attract new clients.


Montreal, Canada. - July 28, 2005: Formabec Inc., a pacesetter in software for training industry, announces the release of a new version of FormaLog cc Entreprises, an integrated software solution for effective management of continuous training centres. Its extensive flexibility allows using it in a wide range of training management tasks. This application integrates into one system contacts with clients, schedule management, registration of participants, personnel management and production of financial reports. It creates a single point of reference and provides consistency of information throughout the system.

The Seminar Management module in FormaLog helps to quickly create and manage training schedules. Its integration with resources and personnel management provides the user with real-time information on all available resources. The system duly notifies the user of any overlaps in instructor schedules and room occupancy, thus preventing disruptions in the smooth work of a training centre.

Control over expenses and sales status is also embedded into the FormaLog Entreprises system so that the costs involved and sales generated can be instantly retrieved for decision making. FormaLog ensures that the most recent information is available for administration purposes. Financial reports for a time period, seminar, course or a session type provide the user with additional flexibility in planning activities and allocating resources.

The Contact Management component embraces lead calls and follow-ups. It helps in qualifying leads and planning actions ahead in order to attract new clients. The built-in text processor and a portfolio of templates simplify the correspondence. Integration with other modules allows generating messages and sending them to the clientele right out of the FormaLog system. What's more, with FormaLog you will always know what information was sent to a customer and when.

"Software developers at Formabec Inc. created FormaLog to help us streamline the training programs of our own training centre," says Marie-Lyne Jacques, the company's PRO. "We started with the development of a single integrated database. We wanted to make sure that all the data is consistent throughout the centre's line of work. After a series of modifications, we got a multi-module system that handled resources and managed schedule as well as provided information for decision making. This system proved highly effective.

Requests for the software came from other training centres. I think we would have been able to avoid a good deal of problems if we'd had such software at the start."