Study profiles graphic design market

Study profiles graphic design marketStrategies for Management, Inc. (SFM) has pulled together a comprehensive study of the U.S. graphic design market and is making it available to early sponsors at what it terms “an early bird discount.”

The study, called “The U.S. Graphic Design Business 2004-2009”, has not yet been published, although the group did release some interesting findings.

For example, the study found that in addition to billing nearly $5.8 billion in 2004, the graphic design industry has approximately 16,000 businesses (with an average of four employees each) and spends more than $400 million annually on capital goods. It also includes more than 80,000 independent freelance practitioners.

SFM said the report outlines the number of creative businesses, employees and freelancers, types of services being offered (and how their service mix is changing), as well as the sizes of their billings and capital purchases. It is based on SFM historical data from 1997 through 2004, and will project its findings out to 2009.

“This type of study is important,” said Dr. Joseph Webb, president of SFM, “because the graphic design industry represents a large portion of the overall graphic arts marketplace and their skills and experience are the first step in the demand for print and other media. This significant industry is often overlooked or underserved by vendors, suppliers and print-service providers.”

SFM is making small portions of the report available for free. A two-page project summary can be downloaded here, while a 16-page presentation-style project summary can be downloaded here.