The Stages Of A Problem Gambler

There are five stages a problem gambler goes through. The five stages are the winning stage, the losing stage, the desperation stage, the hopeless stage and the recovery stage. During each of these stages the problem gambler spends endless energy as their world spirals out of control. With each new stage the problem gambler's height of anxiety increases. During the winning stage of a problem gambler their self esteem is at the highest.

They seem to be winning more often then losing. They are spending their winnings on their friends and family. They begin to reduce long over due debts.

Their spouses are so proud of them. The spouses of a problem gambler even believe their spouse has a system to win big. The gambler begins to fantasize on what materialistic possession they can obtain through gambling. I usually call this stage hook line and sinker. During the losing stage of a problem gambler their self esteem decreases as their personal debt decreases due to their gambling addiction.

During the Desperation stage of a problem gambler their lives have been significantly affected by their gambling addiction. A majority of their mental space is now preoccupied with the notion of placing their next bet. During the hopeless stage of a problem gambler their desire to go forward in life becomes emotionally draining. They are at a loss of what to do, how to pay their debts and how to face their loved ones. During the recovery stage of a problem gambler their ready to take charges of their life and to begin the process of rebuilding what they have lost. Once they realize they can live their life with out gambling recovery seems to accelerate as they regain control of their life.

Through the above stages a problem gambler can lead a normal life once they realize they have a problem gambling and take the necessary steps to better themselves. Very few gamblers realize they have a problem until the reach the hopeless stage. A compulsive gambler always believes that they will hit the big one and all of their troubles will be gone. Unfortunately even though they won big they continue to convince themselves that they can do it again.

Reaching a problem gambler prior to the hopeless stage is almost impossible. Husband, wives, children and even family members knows theirs a problem, but don't know what to do or where to go. Even if they can find stop gambling addiction resources, it's still up to the compulsive gambler to admit they have a problem with gambling.

For more information on gambling addiction and stop gambling you can check out Stop Gambling Addiction website has the useful resources and links on how to stop gambling.

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