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Challenging Agricultural Governor

In 2001, a Governor's School of Agriculture was formed to bring 85 students to Virginia Tech for a 28-day residential program involving Agricultural Economics, Animal Science, Veterinary Medicine

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turns a high school computer

Bill Finlay took an unconventional path to becoming the owner of a thriving wooden hot tub business. He started out as a software engineer

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 high school computer network - Brief Article

EDUCATION | A small Mississippi town takes a big leap in TECHNOLOGY by giving high school students their own laptops.

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Something cool for after school

When school bells ring across the country, signaling the end of another day, 14 million children in kindergarten through 12th grade head to places unsupervised by adults--empty homes, friends' houses,.

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Ebony's Top Black high school Seniors

THE Top Black Seniors of 2005 are more than booksmart. They are local star athletes, and foreign student ambassadors. They are magnificent dancers and masterful debaters. And they are a reminder

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Corporate Training
No train, no gain? You've invested a lot in training your employees, so see If you're getting what you paid for
Not all training programs have felt the full squeeze of corporate belt-tightening - HR update - Brief Article
Wake-up call the real decision makers: e-learning suppliers are bypassing corporate training functions and selling directly to business units
Software manages corporate training centers
SimsSir: modeling and simulation are leading the assault of new learning technologies that are winning favor with the U.S. military.
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